Sydney Metro North West Anniversary: 7 key reasons to live near a Metro station

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Picture this: after months (or years!) saving your hard-earned money, you’re ready to make a deposit on your first block of land. This land is your blank canvas, where you can finally build your dream home.

But before we get too carried away, let’s rewind a little. The land buying process starts by asking a few questions. Where should you buy? What do savvy buyers look for when purchasing land?

One of the major considerations is – you guessed it – is ‘Location, Location, Location’. Weighing up the pros and cons of the area where you buy can require some thought, but in the end, it depends largely on your own lifestyle and what amenity most benefits you.

Schools, employment hubs, greenspace and shopping centres are among the top reasons to buy, but don’t look past the benefits of living near public transport!

As we celebrate the 12-month anniversary of the Sydney Metro North West, which officially opened on 26 May 2019, it’s worth taking a look at some of the many benefits of living near a Metro station – not only for the value of your land, but your overall health and wellbeing.

1. Reduced travel time

We all know the feeling. You get up early, jump in your car and – hit a wall of peak hour traffic. By the time you arrive at your destination, find a parking spot (within walking distance), and pay for a ticket, not only are you ready to pull your hair out, you’re also running late, and feeling tired before your day begins!

Thankfully, hopping on a Metro train can significantly reduce your travel time. Not only are you guaranteed a train service every four minutes during peak hour, the approximate travel time between Tallawong Station and Chatswood is 37 minutes. Having that certainty not only increases your travelling options (because let’s face it, driving is a great option for karaoke-lovers), but it also means you won’t need to worry about peak hour traffic, parking tickets, or running late, ever again!

2. Employment options

One often overlooked aspect of buying near a Metro Station is the fact that employment hubs tend to cluster around train stations.

Not only has the Metro proven to be a driver for local growth and development, the rail connection provides direct access to other suburban employment hubs such as Castle Hill, Epping and Chatswood, as well as easy access to the Sydney CBD.

In addition, the Metro has spurred growth in other areas. For example, the Rouse Hill Town Centre is due to undergo a $300 million expansion to include al fresco dining, shopping and entertainment facilities as part of its major urban renewal plan – an initiative catalysed by the Sydney Metro North West rail link. Meanwhile, the NSW Government has also committed to the construction of the $300 million Rouse Hill Hospital, which will be located at 768 Windsor Road, Rouse Hill, between the Tallawong and Rouse Hill Metro stations.

3. Increased house and land values

Along with the convenience of buying close to a Metro Station, property buyers and investors know that having nearby public transport, such as rail services, can significantly increase the value of a property.

Along with anecdotal evidence, a NSW government-backed study, titled “Transit and Urban Renewal Value Creation”, shows public transport contributes to drive substantial increases in house and land value.

While this is true for all modes of transport, it is rail in particular that most contributes to an increase in house and land value, in some instances up to 4.5%. Over time, those incremental increases, over as little as 10 years, can amount to a sizable boost in your property’s overall value, and help with upsizing your next property purchase.

4. Greater accessibility

It’s no secret that trains provide greater accessibility, and the Sydney Metro is no exception. Particularly beneficial for those who don’t drive a car, the Sydney Metro North West’s driverless trains grant commuters access to 13 stops between Tallawong and Chatswood, increasing commuter connectivity to and from the growing north-west Sydney region.

In addition, these Metro stations are equipped for those with special access needs. In addition to traditional accessibility features such as lifts and priority seating, the Metro offers thoughtful inclusions such as level access between platforms and carriages (making getting on and off easier), visual and audio aids, Customer Journey Coordinators (upon request) and room on board for wheelchairs, prams, bikes and luggage, ensuring a spacious, comfortable ride.

5. Community and amenity

While expansion and development of employment hubs around Metro stations is great news for local economic growth, it also means a huge increase in the amount of community-focussed amenity.

This means quality community centres, childcare, gym facilities, as well as local support groups for arts, creativity, tertiary education, and environmental care. Having vibrant community activities and groups in your local area is great news for young families, retirees and first home buyers alike, while access to the major shopping hubs of Castle Towers, Macquarie Centre, Chatswood Westfield and Rouse Hill Town Centre provides the ultimate in convenience.

6. Health benefits

Instead of jumping into your car and driving to work or to the shops, being positioned within a short distance to the Metro might just encourage you to get more active and hop on your bike and ride to and from the station. Hello cardio fitness!

Getting in those extra miles daily can have an enormous positive impact on your health over time. Not only that, the level access between the platform and carriage allows for easy embarking and alighting from the train, or you can use one of the 45 Bike Storage spaces that can be found at Tallawong Metro Station to safely stow your bike, ready for your return ride home!

If you do reach the station early, don’t forget to complete your workout with some bodyweight exercises. Tallawong Station includes a fantastic pocket park, where you can pump out some push ups while waiting for the next service.

7. Environmental benefits

Last, but certainly not least, as we become more environmentally conscious globally, many commuters living near Metro stations now choose public transport over driving, even if they do have the choice of using a car.

Sydney Metro has taken a particularly eco-conscious stance on the development of the new rail link, with 100% of the network’s energy consumption offset with renewable solar power, along with using recycled water for more than 80% of the water used for washing the fleet.

So next time you ride the Metro, remember – you might just be doing your bit for the environment as well.

To find out more about purchasing a block of land close to a metro station in north-west Sydney, contact one of our friendly Clearstate team members on 1300 889 441.

Clearstate is an experienced and trusted Australian developer, with a longstanding commitment to the people and communities of north-west Sydney.

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