About us

Clearstate believes in making a difference that improves our customers’ lifestyle.  Since 2011 we have operated as an end-to-end property development company managing projects from acquisition, subdivision, adherence to government regulation and local planning requirements.  We take pride in being actively involved in all phases of the development process.

As a niche player in land development Clearstate undertakes projects in the range of 3 to 50 acres (20 to 200 lot subdivisions), playing our part in tackling the ongoing housing development shortage facing Australian communities.

Committed to the highest standards and quality, at Clearstate we believe the service that we provide to our clients - a comfortable and secure place to live - is of the utmost importance.  We take great pride in striving to consistently exceed industry standards in service and satisfaction.

Since joining DNW Group in 2014 Clearstate has secured a strong development pipeline, with 7 projects underway in the Sydney North West growth corridor, 2 projects in Sydney’s South West and recently expanding with our first project in Melbourne. We have solid growth plans and are always looking for opportunities in both land acquisition and development.

Clearstate is built on the following principles:

  • Empower our team to deliver effective solutions quickly
  • Lead the industry through service excellence and a focus on the customer
  • Earn our customers’ respect with each interaction
  • Innovate every day and be flexible to take action
  • Work with purpose and commitment to our business partners
  • Deliver an exceptional experience every time

Our passion for human ingenuity is our foundation, we want to assist those working hard to realise the Australian dream of owning their own home and will continue to look at innovative ways of making this happen.

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Completed the first subdivision project in Wahroonga, NSW

DNW Property Group acquired the first four development sites in Sydney's North West Growth corridor

Acquired one further site in the North West Growth Corridor and expanded to Sydney's South West Growth Corridor with two sites

Office established in St Leonards

Rebrand to Clearstate

Clearstate has a secured property development pipeline in the major Growth Corridors of Sydney and regional NSW in addition to expanding in Victoria.

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At Clearstate we have a unique approach to project delivery. We have selected the most experienced group engineers, town planners and consultants to ensure our projects exceed local council and service authority requirements whom we take from project to project, perfecting our processes and offering a superior place to live for our customers - Dean Willemsen, Director

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We are a team first

We are flexovators

We are our word

We create communities we are proud of

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Current Developments

We currently have five developments underway in the western areas of Sydney.

Read about our team

We boast one of the most dedicated, efficient & dynamic teams in the development industry here at Clearstate. Through our extensive and highly selective talent acquisition strategy, we have the grounding of a stand out culture which has the desire to lead our industry in years to come.