Five reasons to choose a new build over an established home?

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If you’re setting out on your homebuying journey, the choice between building a new home or buying an established home can be tricky.

On the one hand, buying an established home means you can see what you’re getting straight away, while on the other hand, the process of building brand new requires a bit more time and imagination. However, most importantly, a new build home offers benefits such as the opportunity to select a home design that suits you and to build for a fixed price – as you’ll see below, these are just some of the positives about building new.

1. A wide range of designs to choose from When building a new home, buyers can work directly with the builder to ensure their new home is designed specifically for them and to suit their lifestyle. This includes choosing the style of home you want from a wide range of designs, to ensure that what you choose most closely matches your needs.

2. The price is locked in A new build home offers clarity around costs and the overall home-building budget from the outset, ensuring you know what your costs are from day one. For instance, Stage 3 of Clearstate at Rouse Hill offers turn-key homes at fixed prices, giving you peace of mind that you won’t be hit with extra costs which you need to account for when you start building.

3. A new home can be more energy- efficient New homes benefit from being constructed with the most up-to-date materials, often making them more energy-efficient than older, established homes built with less environmentally-friendly construction materials. This covers everything from windows to roof tiles, cladding and insulation, with modern standards demanding that these materials help homeowners maximise the ability to heat and cool their homes.

4. New appliances equal money savings When compared to the purchase of an established home, a new home can also save homeowners and property investors money over the long term, simply because modern appliances are also more energy- efficient. New home appliances such as ovens, stoves and air conditioners can often help you save a significant amount of money in the running of your home over the long term.

5. New homes require fewer repairs and less maintenance Because of their very nature, new build homes require less maintenance than homes which have been lived in for many years and may be in need of some renovation. Generally speaking, a new home won’t present you with issues such as draughty windows, mouldy ceilings or scruffy carpets, meaning you can simply move in and enjoy that new home feel. Also, because it’s a new home, the home itself and the products that comprise it are all under warranty.

To find out more about purchasing a new built home, contact a member of our friendly Clearstate team on 1300 889 441.

Clearstate is an experienced and trusted local developer, who has a longstanding commitment to the people and communities of west Sydney.

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