A new way to build homes

Clearstate’s parent company, DNW Group, was distinctly proud to launch a revolutionary new housing model into the Australian market yesterday – Heuga.

Developed in partnership with some of the most respected companies in the property and housing industry, including Impresa House, Masterwall and Elderton Homes, Heuga will transform the way in which homes are built in Australia.

Heuga’s unique approach to building is the first, fully-automated housing system to be manufactured off-site in Australia, and sees homes able to progress from concrete slab to structural lockup and external finishes in only 15 days.

The first Heuga prototype homes were unveiled at Clearstate’s Alex Avenue project in Schofields NSW on Thursday 29 November, 2018, with the launch culminating in the impressive crane lift of a fully prefabricated roofing unit into place on a Heuga home. This was exclusively covered by Channel 9 – to see the full story, click here.

Unlike traditional home builds, Heuga will leverage the use of a cross-platform, mobile-enabled application for all customer communication, finishes selection, documentation and construction updates, providing full transparency on the entire construction process from initial order through to completion.

In this sense, Heuga will provide the missing link for customers, as it will deliver surety of product quality, standardised cost models, guaranteed construction timeframes that don’t compromise on quality, and ten-year warranties as standard.

To find out more, go to heuga.com.au.

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