Business: Young businessman shares his tips for success

Dean Willemsen combined a passion for construction and a penchant for hard work to carve out a solid future by founding two companies in his early 20s.The Galston resident, 29, is the owner of land development company DNW Property Group (now with lots in Schofields and Quakers Hill) and co-owner of construction company Prime Build in Berkshire Park.

His education path includes The Hills Grammar school, a certificate IV in construction and a certificate III in carpentry.

He shared his tips for success, what inspires him and what traits are helpful:

What have you learnt at school that helped you open a business?

I learnt what hard work and dedication can get you. I also learnt that doing the right thing by people and long lasting relationships is key to success.

What were the challenges of setting up your own business?

Having the right team (of which we have the best), financial discipline, managing growth and doing the hard work — it is harder than I thought it was going to be!

Who inspires you?

Our team (they are so committed to our business and values), my grandparents and business leaders who have created the world in which they reign supreme like Richard Branson, Steve jobs, my mentors, and the list goes on!

What dreams/goals do you have for your business in the future?

Sustainable growth and opportunity for our team, setting the standard in residential, retail and commercial construction in every state and territory of Australia. And never to lose sight of where we came from or who we are.

You co-founded your first business when you were 23 years old. Do you have advice for other young people looking to pursue a similar path?

Listen and learn from every experience. Read books, find a mentor, seek education in all forms to allow you to gain a well-rounded perspective. I am still working on following my own advice here!

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