Austral Rugby League girls know they can

EACH week in the Bucca household there's always one question inevitably asked."Is it time for footy yet? That's what the girls always ask," said Anthony Bucca, the president of the Austral City Bears.


The girls are his daughters, Emma, 5, and Jean, 9, who play for the Bears in the Parramatta District Convents competition.

There are four girls who play for the Bears and Bucca said rugby league was a great fit for them.

"They look forward to it every week and as they play and understand the rules they're all getting better," he said.

"It's all about using their mobility in rugby league and teaching them to pass and run into gaps and the girls do it very well."

The Austral Bears are part of the female revolution in rugby league where participation is increasing in every facet of the game.

Players, officials, volunteers, coaches, referees, supporters, staff, management: all areas in which females are thriving.

Last week the Parramatta Eels celebrated the importance of women in the game, hosting more than a hundred guests for the club's 2015 Women in League function.

The event included women from different junior league clubs and it came a week after the Eels acknowledged the importance of the players' mothers with a special presentation before the Mother's Day match.

Originally published on the Liverpool Champion.

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