Are you selling land? We'd love to talk to you. Please leave your details below and we will contact you.

We are genuine purchasers, who have a reputation on being passionate about delighting our customers partners as well as providing a seamless and stress-free experiences along every step of the way.  We are able to progress swiftly and are happy to purchase directly without the need for a real estate agent negating the need for sales commission and thereby maximising your return.

What we offer:

  • Flexible Structure: Whether you want to sell, undertake a joint venture or just need development management services, we have experience in all these areas and are happy to discuss the different options that can help you achieve your goal.
  • No agent’s fees: We buy direct, meaning you save on commissions.
  • Confidentiality: All purchases are undertaken discreetly and kept confidential.
  • Flexible Terms: We understand that no one size fits all and are able  to propose various settlement periods, deposits and due diligence arrangements to suit you and your requirements.

What we look for:

  • Lot size: 3 acres and larger
  • Zoning: Properties zoned or soon to be zoned R2 and/or R3.
  • Services: Proximity to standard services i.e. sewer run, water and power.

We will do our best to satisfy your wishes when acquiring your land. We understand that many properties have been your family home, sometimes for many generations. We have worked with vendors on several of our projects to have new streets on their properties names after them as an important reminder to some of the history of the property.

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End to end project delivery

We have selected the most experienced group engineers, town planners and consultants to ensure our projects exceed local council and service authority requirements whom we take from project to project, perfecting our processes and offering a superior place to live to our customers.

Industry leading design

Our subdivision layout and servicing design is guided by our in house design manager, with the support of industry leading consultants as we work to create sustainable communities.