Are you thinking of selling?

We are an experienced, no nonsense developer who can help you maximise the value of your land.

We offer

Flexible Structure

Whether you want to sell, undertake a joint venture or just need development management services, we have experience in all these areas and are happy to discuss the different options that can help you achieve your goal.

No agent’s fees

We buy direct, meaning you save on commissions often meaning that we can offer a better price for your land.


All purchases are undertaken discreetly and kept confidential.

Flexible Terms

We understand that no one size fits all and are able to propose various settlement periods, deposits and due diligence arrangements to suit you and your requirements.

Development Potential

Lot Size

3 acres and larger. 20 to 200 lots.


Properties zoned or soon to be zoned R2 and/or R3.


Proximity to standard services i.e. sewer run, water and power.

Our Process

We will do our best to satisfy your wishes when acquiring your land. We understand that many properties have been your family home, sometimes for many generations.

Agreed Terms

Including price, timing, deposit structure and settlement period.

Due Diligence

Clearstate will undertake efficient and thorough assessment of your property. This is usually 6 – 8 weeks during which time Clearstate meet with Council and service providers to confirm development potential.


When ownership passes to Clearstate and purchase funds are released.

Interested in discussing further?

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Tony Maw

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